Thoughtful Sentiments, But . . .

I’ve been pondering recently things people say to make others (or themselves) feel better, yet are not necessarily true.

For example:

  • I believe everything happens for a reason, God knows best.” – While God does know best, He doesn’t cause our actions.  That’s why we have free will; to freely choose (which presupposes the ability to choose wrongly) to do His will or not.
  • He (or she) is in a better place.” – While that may be true, it isn’t necessarily true; a loved one may very well be in heaven, but they also might be in hell.  They also may be spending a little time being purified before entering heaven, i.e. purgatory.
Although it’s not a statement offered to make others feel good, the equally annoying “death comes in threes” also irritates me.  It’s heard around funeral homes and people who work with those near death.  It’s just not true – ANY TIME someone dies, you can group them together with the next two to die or the previous one and preceding one, or the two previous.  Mathematically “death comes in threes” is just as true as “death comes in twos” or “death comes in fours,” etc.  The only true statement about deaths is that death comes in ones.


Thus endeth my current rant on thoughtful sentiments.

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