Contagious Christmas Spirit

This weekend we took a quick road trip to North Platte.  As we often do, we stopped in Grand Island for dinner.  This time we stopped at Bosselman’s Truck Stop.  As we sat down I noticed the man in the next booth.

He must have been hungry, because there were three plates on his table, and he was dining alone.Our waitress, Shayla, was quite busy, taking care of a large section by herself, and seemed a little frazzled.  After taking our drink order, she hustled off and the gentleman got up to leave.  He said to me, “I’ve got to run, but would you tell the waitress ‘Merry Christmas’ for me?”  I said, “sure,” and he left.  He also left a $50 bill on top of his ticket.  It had to be at least a $30 tip, maybe even more.

When Shayla returned, we shared the Christmas greeting with her and her eyes welled up with tears as she shared, “I’ve got kids, this will really help with Christmas,” then she hustled off to help another table.
Inspired by the kindness of a stranger we left a $20 tip for Shayla.  Wish I could have left a $50 bill there as well, but I didn’t have that much cash on hand.

God bless the quiet generosity in our world.

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