Why I won’t make Principal anytime soon . . .

One of the main projects I’ve been working on at St. Gerald has been an expansion of our school to accommodate 7th & 8th grade students. Because of the construction occurring, we pushed back the beginning of school until after Labor Day.

The local public schools began classes this Monday, August 15th. As in the middle of the month of August!

As best as I can remember, when I was in school we went back around Labor Day and were finished in May. Yet today, it seems the kids go back earlier all the time, and some of them don’t begin their summer vacation until June.

Something fishy is going on here, methinks.

Now I’m not advocating any sort of “kid-strike,” but doesn’t that seem incredibly early to be going back to school? It’s craziness, in my view. Students need fully three months of vacation to enjoy the summer, go to various camps and activities, and hopefully, go on vacation with their families. Moreover, high school students need that summer time for work — college isn’t getting any more affordable as time goes by.We drive students very hard these days, treating them like miniature adults with hectic schedules, numerous extra-curricular activities, and unnecessary stress in their young lives. Might be a good idea to re-think some of the wisdom behind all of that.

Let the kids be kids, I say — and give them their FULL summer vacation to enjoy this wonderful time in their lives!

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