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It’s odd how a change in aspiration makes all the difference in the world.

Yesterday was a really long day for me. I arrived at work at 7:30am and decided not to return home at 4:00pm, when I usually leave.

You see, I had a meeting scheduled in my office for 7:00pm, and I thought I would just stay at work and clean up a number of items on my desk, etc.

So I happily chipped away at a number of things until 7, met with the Stewardship Committee until about 9:30pm, and then headed for home.

But this long day was a satisfying one. I’ve worked many long days, in fact when I worked at the phone company I worked a lot of days like this; but never with the sense of accomplishment that I have working for the Church.

I left a career in corporate America because I was sick of two things:

<!–[if !supportLists]–>· <!–[endif]–>The methods used to accomplish things were often Dilbert-like

<!–[if !supportLists]–>· <!–[endif]–>The foolishness of making a wasteful, greedy company richer, despite it’s incompetence is just crazy

It’s not that way working here at St. Gerald. We see the fruit of our labor – oftentimes right away. We have a much needed addition to our school being built right now. And as I visit the job site each day, I’m reminded of what a little change in perspective can do – it makes the long days enjoyable, and the end result is very rewarding.

God bless you all for bringing about the Kingdom – in whatever way you can!

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