Our father among the Saints . . .

John Chrysostom, Archbishop of Constantinople . . .

Today is the feast day of John Chrysostom, Doctor of the Church. The name ‚Chrysostom translates from Greek as ‚“golden mouth‚” or ‚“golden throat,‚” a reference to his incredible preaching.

(this mosaic is from Hagia Sophia, tenth century)

Mistranslation has occasionally suggested that some of St. John‚’s writings were anti-Semitic; but this is not true. His Orations Against the Judaizers, is sometimes sloppily translated as Orations Against the Jews. Of course a reading of this work in context yields what in fact is a polemic against those in fourth-century Antioch who were trying to Judaize the Christian community.

Many consider John to be the finest Christian preacher. On many occasions his homilies would go on for hours, captivating the people and astonishing them with his oratorical skill.

He revised the Divine Liturgy that is used in Eastern Churches (both Orthodox & Catholic) even to this day.

All who preach ought to be inspired and moved by the abilities of this great saint. His teaching is clear, his exhortations thrilling, and his exegesis rock-solid.

Pray for us, O Golden-Mouthed One, that we might be inspired with your zeal for the Gospel!

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