Stewardship Witnesses

This weekend we are having lay persons give a witness talk about stewardship in conjunction with our parish and archdiocesan annual appeals. Our archdiocese does this each year, and I always enjoy it.

I enjoy it not only because stewardship is important to me professionally (I am the Stewardship & Development Director of our parish), but even more so because it provides yet another way to deliver an unchanging message with fresh faces, fresh ideas and fresh vitality.

My personal gratitude goes out to all those persons who have accepted the invitation to share their stewardship story with St. Gerald; for the very act of witnessing to the importance and need of stewardship is itself a profound act of stewardship!

People often confuse stewardship (a way of authentically living the Gospel) with raising money. Although treasure plays into the way we respond as stewards, it is neither the only way nor even the most important way. Investing our time to serve the Church, the Body of Christ is the most valuable exercise of stewardship.

If you are not active in your own parish, start now. Call the office, find a ministry, group or committee that would benefit from your gifts, and sign up! Your parish family needs you, the Church needs you, and most of all, our Lord Jesus Christ needs you.

Well done, good and faithful steward, well done!

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