Happy Anniversary, Brothers!

Exactly one year ago today eight of my classmates and I were ordained deacons in the Catholic Church. — November sixth, in the year of the Lord 2004, St. Cecelia Cathedral, 10 o’clock in the morning. It seems as just yesterday to me.

I wish all my brothers continued grace and blessings in their service to the people of God. May your ministry be one filled with wonder, awe, and great humility as you strive to be the servant Christ who came not to be served, but to serve, and offer His life as a ransom for all.

(here is a photo of us listening to Archbishop Curtiss instructions just prior to the ordination rite.)

He urged us above all to be incredibly patient with those we minister to — so many Catholics are alienated, hurting, or poorly cathecized. Meet them where they are, and help them to mold their lives more fully to that of Jesus. Touch them as the Servant Christ, whom you have been configured to today in Sacred Orders.

Our Lord suffered when He poured forth His blood on Golgotha. The blood of the new and everlasting covenant. The blood that makes all things new.

(here is a photo of us receiving that very same Body, Blood, Soul & Divinity)

How incredibly blessed we are to share the Body & Blood of Christ with the people of God — and even more blessed to take Him to those who cannot get to Church because of age or infirmity.

Thank you brothers, for all you do to make the kingdom present to those you meet. Congratulations on your first anniversary, and thank you for welcoming our newest 17 brothers in such a beautiful way yesterday.

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2 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary, Brothers!

  1. Kathy V.

    I’m glad the “incredibly patient” part was mentioned by the Archbishop. As ministers to our families, friends, neighbors, etc., it is easy to forget to be patient with them. KV

  2. Doug


    It seems like only yesterday we were ordained. Chris – God bless you for your work.

    It so neat to have so many new deacons.

    Thanks, Doug

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