Christ the King

Jesus is a very special kind of king.  He doesn’t represent the opulence or extravagance that we associate with royalty.  He is not a king that is waited on by an entourage of servants.

 Our king Jesus is not vested in fancy garb — he wears the clothes of a simple man.  He’s a king without armies or soldiers.  He inhabits no castle on earth.  He gives to others rather than collecting taxes from his subjects.

He’s a king without a queen, and one that leaves no heirs.


So what kind of a king is he, anyway?  A king that brings peace.  A king that teaches us to love one another.  A king that calls as his court the most unlikely of members – fishermen, outcasts, even a hated tax collector.

Our Lord Jesus comes to create a new kind of kingdom — not one with geographic boundaries, but rather a kingdom of hearts.  This king wants your heart and he wants mine.  And he wants to gather every heart to himself.

You see, our King sees what is inside us — he sees who we are at the core.  He doesn’t notice the imperfections of our bodies.  He doesn’t care about squeaky voices or wrinkles or weight.  He loves each heart precisely the same — whether it’s wrapped in a tiny body still in the womb or in a frail body in a nursing home.

And even as Jesus seeks our hearts he gives each one of us a way to sing.  We can paint or write or sing or build or study or pray or care for others to make our song heard to the world around us.  And as each one of us shares our gift – it melds together into a beautiful symphony for our king.

Our king is unlike any earthly ruler – he doesn’t need anything from us, but he longs to bring our hearts to himself.  And that’s the essence of what heaven is all about – our hearts, our souls uniting with the person of Jesus for all time

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One thought on “Christ the King

  1. Ken Saunders+

    I would have to disagree with your one statement, “He’s a king without a queen, and one that leaves no heirs.”

    I feel that His “queen” is the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church and that we are all the heirs to His eternal kingdom.

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