All I want for Christmas is a Big XII Trophy

Nothing would taste sweeter than to see Big XII Commissioner Dan Beebe have to swallow his pride and present NU with the Big XII championship trophy to be hauled off to the new and improved Big Ten next year.

By the way, throughout antiquity it was very common to take artifacts from those defeated in battle, or from conquered sites.  The Romans were very proficient at this.  Shown here is a closeup detail from the Arch of Titus, one of the triumphal arches found in the Roman Forum. The relief shows Roman soldiers taking the candelabra (menorah, in Hebrew) [מְנוֹרָה‎] after destroying the Temple in the year 70.  We know that this depicts the menorah from the Temple, because it is seven-branched, unlike the nine-branched menorah used during Hanukkah.

And, before any of you share your smart-alec remarks — I know, I know, only Deacon Chris would mix Husker football with a teaching-aside regarding menorahs.

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One thought on “All I want for Christmas is a Big XII Trophy

  1. Erika

    Very well said honey.

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