Back in the Saddle Again . . .

Although I am, in fact, a fan of hard rock music, this post is not in deference to Aerosmith’s song bearing the same name.  Rather, it’s just a note to say that blogging has resumed at

saddle3I can’t tell you exactly how many times I’ve been asked why I haven’t been blogging, but I can share with you the response I’ve given each time:  “I’ve been busy, wrapped up with this or that.”  And I’ve delivered that line convincingly.

But, while it is true, it’s not the root of my electronic silence.  This last weekend marked one year from the Von Maur shooting.  The last entry I posted was related to that tragedy, and it’s something I think about regularly, and pray about even more often.  One of the heroines is the sister of a friend of mine.

Each time I log onto my blog and see the entry it brings sadness to me a new, and renews feelings about the same.  In a way, I’ve liked that fact that the heroes and heroines of Von Maur were displayed with prominence for all this time.  I just didn’t feel right about blogging with something inconsequential afterward (cooking, or what-not).

But it’s time now to begin again.  A new liturgical calendar is upon us, new hope is given us, and,  mourning has broken, so to speak.

Welcome back to my electronic musings — and thank you for your understanding.

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  1. Today is the Twenty-First Sunday in “Ordinary Time.”
  2. The readings from Mass speak about the papacy (cf. Is 22:19-23 & Mt 16:13-20).
  3. Today [would be] the feast day of St. Piux X, pope (Sundays take precedence over other feast days).
  4. Today Pope Benedict XVI will preside over the closing liturgy in Koln at World Youth Day.

It might be coincidental that all these papal diddies are occurring at the same time, but not likely. My lovely bride calls it a “God-incidence” when something like that happens.

The philosopher in me rebels slightly:

  • God doesn’t make things happen that way
  • That would violate free will,
  • Etc., etc., ad nauseum

But the Christian inside me is slightly tickled. Maybe God allows things to play out in such a way, just to make life a bit more interesting. Or maybe to make philosophers think a little harder. Or perhaps to simply bring a smile to someone’s face when they encounter such an event.

Our God is an awesome God.

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