If all your friends jumped off a cliff . . .

That was my mother’s response to any request I made that she didn’t think was a good idea.  “But mommmmmmmm, all my friends get to do ____.”

And, so today, I’m jumping off a cliff that I never thought I would.  I have joined a so-called “social networking” site.  Everyone’s on facebook, apparently.  My wife finally convinced me to create a profile there, so here I am, in the 21st century finally.

I don’t mind sharing with you my reticence to climb on board this phenomenon — last year I attended a seminar for ministers and therapists on the vast world of on-line addiction, particularly pornography and on-line relationships.


I was floored by the depth and width of these addictions, and the cyber-bullying that occurs on-line as well.  The damage to families, to children, to spouses and to individuals is absolutely staggering, and nearly unquantifiable.

So I’ve spoken to parents about the dangers of MySpace and so forth, and just didn’t feel right about getting involved in such sites myself.  Plus, my friend, Teresa Tomeo warns against these types of  sites, and I regard her opinion highly.

I know there are legitimate and good purposes for them as well.  In fact, I was rather surprised, when I created my profile, to find fellow deacons and priests and old classmates on facebook.  Apparently everyone is on this site, including Dinosaur Deacon Chris.

If you see me on there, say hello, or “add” or “poke” or do whatever it is that equates to an electronic hello.

I’d love it if you not cyber-bully me, and pray that you use these sites only in wholesome, useful ways.

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