Job Pray-er

I have four friends that have recently been searching for new employment. I like to help people in such circumstances, so I always offer to pray for them, review resumes, etc.

In one of my previous corporate America jobs I hired a number of people, so I’ve read a few resumes in my day.

I like praying for such a need – and I know that it helps, too. Just knowing that others are concerned for you is reassuring. Feeling like you’re in it all alone is one of the things that makes looking for work stressful.

My friends are doing VERY well, here’s the results thus far:

  1. My first friend got the job she wanted, and it’s a nice change for her from her previous work. A nice fit for a great person, congrats, Mary!
  2. My second friend applied for and received a promotion at her current employer. She’s very excited about it, and I know she’ll do a wonderful job in her new position. You were made for this job, Erika – kudos to you!
  3. I’m delighted to report that my third friend (who has been out of work for nearly a year) was offered a good job with a future that he is a great fit for. I’m very proud of him, way to go, Cal!
  4. My fourth friend has been through two interviews for a position. He will need to interview with at least one more party to get the job. I’m very hopeful, as he’s eminently qualified for the position. I’ll continue praying for my friend, that he might have several positions to choose from. Why not pause a minute while reading this to pray for him too?

It can be very trying looking for a new job. If you know of anyone in such a situation, remind them that you are concerned about them, and offer to help in whatever way you can — especially through prayer.

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