MasterCard Moments

While visiting with a gentleman a couple of weeks ago, he mentioned to me that he had a small pond on his acreage near the Elkhorn River. The previous day he had taught his granddaughter the art of angling, and consequently she caught her first fish. He described the feeling as a MasterCard Moment.

I knew immediately what he was referring to – those incredibly clever commercials MasterCard launched a couple of years ago. They follow a basic format something like this:

  • Baseball glove – $40
  • Two hours at the batting cages – $50
  • His first set of cleats – $57
  • Watching him hit a home run – priceless

I shared with him that, as a new deacon, I had just recently married a couple of my friends. Or to be more precise, witnessed their marriage. It was my first opportunity to witness a marriage. So here’s my own MasterCard Moment:

  • James Arthur Vineyard trip – $59.12
  • Gas to Ronald McDonald House – $2.67 (by today’s ludicrous prices, $4.27)
  • Jiffy J-4000 to steam my alb with – $229
  • Joining two friends together forever in the Sacrament of Matrimony – priceless
  • What kinds of MasterCard Moments have you had recently? Why not share one with us in the comment box?

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One thought on “MasterCard Moments

  1. Woz

    Let’s give this a shot:
    140 red paver bricks – $150
    300 cubic feet of sand – $60
    1 flat edge shovel – $15
    Watching dogs turn sand into own private beach – priceless

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